The European Commission issued yesterday a Communication to the European Parliament, the Council and the European Economic and Social Committee on a European strategy on clean and energy efficient vehicles.

While Going-Electric praises the Commission for being less technologically neutral and recognizing electric technologies as clean options, we deeply regret that it does not focus all available financial resources on Electric Vehicles. Their technologies are by far the cleanest, well mature enough for large market penetration. But they require heavy investments and temporary public incentives to spread on the roads.

Going-Electric is convinced that focusing all resources on electric technologies is essential to ensure the future competiveness of the European vehicle industry, against some Asian and American companies that are already doing so.[…]

The complete press release on www.going-electric.org

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  1. Félicitations à Going Electric, et notamment l’un de ses initiateurs Jacques de Sellier, d’avoir relancé le débat à ce sujet bien avant qu’il devienne à la mode.

    Un peu plus sur le sujet sur http://www.EurActiv.com,
    notamment cet article, qui je l’espere incluera prochainement votre position:


    Pour ma part, ma prochaine voiture sera électrique!

    Christophe Leclercq
    (egalement blogger debutant ici:
    http://euroman.blogactiv.eu )

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