Going-Electric, the Association for Electric Vehicles in Europe is a Brussels-based non-profit association whose members are businesses, associations, NGOs and individuals promoting Electric Vehicles (EVs) in Europe as the most sustainable motorised road vehicles.

Our mission is to be the voice of all EV stakeholders towards a European legislative framework enabling a European leadership in EV production and commercialisation.
Since EVs are new technologies produced in low volumes, they are currently quite more expensive than conventional Internal Combustion Vehicles. They therefore badly need financial incentives to start spreading, in the form of subsidies to research, production and acquisition, until high production volumes make them intrinsically competitive. They also need non-financial incentives to make their use more satisfactory and enjoyable.

Finally, we advocate that Europe must become a leader in their production and commercialisation to remain industrially and environmentally competitive in the automotive sector, reduce its oil dependency and reach IPCC’s 2050 targets for CO2 emissions.

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